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  1. Hi Kean, Our training programmes follow the usual procedures whereby you express interest in becoming a controller with us on our website (as shown below), and once a place becomes available, you are contacted by the Training Department. You need to assign yourself to VATéir at this link. This process will take a day or two as it involves a Region transfer from the USA to EMEA. We are inside VATEUD (European Division), which is a Division of EMEA - one of VATSIM's 3 regions. Once you have been moved to VATéir, click on the section shown below: When you click on that, it will prompt you to put an expression of interest in for training. There is a waiting time of several months because of the amount of interest from candidates but it does move by much quicker than you think. The quickest way to pass the time is to get involved in the vACC by joining the Discord server and getting to know everybody, as well as flying around to get used to procedures as you have been doing. Please reach out to training@vateir.org if you require further information or have any issues with the process outlined above. Cathal
  2. Best of luck to the new kids on the block
  3. Hi Kean! Thanks for the message and for the kind words. Hopefully you enjoyed flying in the last evening. I will PM you a link to our Discord in the meantime where you can get to know more people in the community
  4. Hi all, Thanks for coming tonight, slides are attached - leave any questions below! Military Procedures _ Controller Information Evening (3).pdf
  5. We're holding an info night for controlling Regional Airfields this Sunday 22nd at 1900z. It will last for one hour. The main aim is to offer some familiarisation to S3/C1 rated controllers and introduce S1/S2 rated controllers to the concept, or to further their current understanding. All VATéir controllers with S1 ratings or above can attend. We will have a presentation and information slides followed by questions. Feel free to read the Donegal/Knock COMs available on the website and come with any questions. See you then!
  6. Hi, Please email training@vateir.org and they will give you a hand with answering some questions. Thanks
  7. Hi all, It's been about a year and a half since our last donation drive. The cost of servers for VCCS, our site, other programmes and various other tech projects does add up and as such we are looking for donations for 2021/22. I've attached our Donations Agreement - this must be read before donating. You can donate here. Only donate if you are able to do so, and there is no need to put in a large amount. It's best to get a lot of smaller donations to keep us ticking over for the foreseeable. Thanks to all in advance! VATéir Donations Agreement.pdf
  8. Hi all, Mattia Torti has posted a survey as of this morning for people to fill out based on Eurocontrol. Post is below. We are lately experiencing various cases (positive and negative) with Eurocontrol, and are have now decided to start a "Potential Project" in order to determine the future of Eurocontrol. In order to do such we need your feedback! Please follow this survey link and fill it out (will take 5-10 minutes of your time): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XD3NZJD NOTE: This survey will NOT determine the immediate future of Eurocontrol, it will give us an idea of which direction to point our work to.
  9. Hi all, A quick update that Saulius is stepping down from his Staff position as Membership Director (IRL6). Due to time commitments we decided that this would be the best thing to do. Thanks Saulius for your efforts. As of now we will not be looking to fill the position. All the best
  10. Got this in my recommended this morning: Featuring Continental, Aer Arann, Malev, BMI
  11. Thanks Paul for this, incredible numbers. One thing though, there are only 365 days in the year, right @Ciaran Breen?
  12. Hi James, You can join at this link: https://discord.gg/byT42cTJ
  13. It’s that time of year again… Too much food, probably too much drink and definitely some awkward conversations with the relatives about the weather and the County Council. Anyways, as we come to the end of another year, it is difficult to see the positives - everybody has probably had some disappointment this year, some more than others. Many of us haven’t seen relatives since last year or ventured far outside our own county for far too long - no doubt this has taken a toll on a lot of us. I know a lot of people here have been affected with their jobs, studies abroad and plans for the future - it is crazy to think that this time last year 2020 looked set to be one of the best for many of us! Nonetheless, VATSIM continues to be a place where we can (hopefully) spend some time each week to take our mind off whatever is happening in the “real world” and do what we all enjoy doing. We have seen a fantastic year for the vACC, continuing to build on our growth from the last few years. We recently had our Town Hall which was a massive success, many events and we have all gotten to make a few new friends which is what the network is all about. For those of you that are new this year - welcome! I hope that next year we see the same growth again thanks to the commitment every member of the vACC has put in. A huge thank you to the Mentors, Staff team, Training Managers, Examiners, Controllers and Pilots for keeping Ireland lit up throughout the year, and for making our hobby more enjoyable everyday. As 2020 comes to a close, it is exciting to see what 2021 will bring for the vACC. As you know, we have a lot planned to continue to make this one of the best vACCs on the network. As everybody naturally takes some time off, training and staff duties will wind down before the holidays. Hopefully life returns to some level of normality in 2021, but who knows. In the meantime, Nollaig Shona gach duine and I hope that you have a nice few weeks with your family. Do make an effort to spend time with them - I think this year has shown that you never know what could happen. If we don’t speak before the end of the year, Bliain nua faoi mhaise dhaoibh go léir - Happy New Year everybody.
  14. Hello everyone, Since early this year, we have been looking at re-instating the position of Membership Director within the vACC. Our vACC has continued to grow and there are increased demands on the rest of the Staff team to deal with general Membership-related tasks. This is especially true as we head into what is traditionally a portion of the year where people are focused on exams, work deadlines or school work. In late July, we received several very strong applications, something I was really happy to see. @Saulius Baltramonaitis will be taking on the role of ACCIRL6 for the next while. We have decided that we will review it in 3 months to see how the role is doing, what it becomes, and to confirm whether or not it is a necessity. Saulius has been doing great work over the past week getting up to speed, and I'm excited to see how the role turns out in the future. Speak to you all tomorrow for the Town Hall and congratulations Saul!!
  15. Hello everyone! We are excited to host our vACC's first Town Hall meeting (ever?!) on Wednesday 9th of December at 2000z in our Discord Server. We have seen a fantastic year for the vACC, albeit not so much in all of our real lives... Nonetheless, we have wanted to do this for quite some time to get everyone together to hear what the future holds for the vACC! On the night, we will have: A brief overview and presentation from each department on how the year has gone and our future plans. A Questions & Answers session where everybody can submit questions and take the floor! Hopefully this is an opportunity for everybody to see what our and your plans are for the vACC and the chance to ask a few questions! We'll give further details next week as needed. If you cannot attend, let us know and we will be able to provide a summary of the meeting. All the best.
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