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  1. I thought you wrote off the poor PC9 👀👀
  2. Doing a little clean out of my X-Plane directory and came across a few screenshots from the last year or so: A quick run from BOS to DUB in the A321 Neo. A Quick Run To London Heathrow. Taking the PC12 for a quick cargo flight down to Germany. What's your favorite screenshot from the last year of flying?
  3. The wait is finally over, the Virtual Irish Air Corps has arrived! After months of planning and developing we are happy to say the vIAC is now live at https://virtualiac.com/ Over the next 3 months, the vIAC will go through a probation period before becoming a VSO, as per the VSO Policy & Procedure Manual. We will very shortly be accepting new recruits to begin their training, the process of which will all be explained in the various documents available. Training will commence on the Pilatus PC9 or Airbus H135 for all new cadets, with new types becoming available as you progress through the ranks. The vIAC aims to provide the most immersive and realistic operations based around our real life counterparts, and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Military controlling validations will also be available to VATéir controllers wishing to train very soon, more information will follow on how to go about the validation process will be provided in the coming days. If you have any questions until then please don't hesitate to ping me on Discord or drop us an email, the addresses of all staff can be found on the homepage.
  4. I mean "Technically" it was 1 Year and 1 day if you want to count it as a leap year or 1 Year and 2 days. or a total of 367 days 👀
  5. On Sunday evening, May 31st, VATéir shutdown Dublin's main runway - Runway 10/28 for some VATSIM Maintenance after the heavy traffic in the last few months. Our peak mixed mode rate is 44 aircraft an hour. On runway 16/34, this is reduced to 36 per hour on our shorter, crosswind runway. Throughout the duration of the event we saw a total of 191 movements giving us a 37 aircraft per hour rate. We want to thank all the controllers who controlled during the event and all the pilots who flew in or out making it a memorable experience for all involved. Can you spot yourself in the timelapse?
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