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  1. Hi all, Just a quick update from the events department. Following a discussion with staff, we have decided that Thursday Night Live tonight (30th Sept) will be the final edition of the event for the foreseeable. As we see the return of schools, colleges etc. it is of course becoming increasingly difficult to maintain TNL controller numbers during the week and we think its time to move on to bigger and better things. Since last July, we have had 31 TNLs and I'd like to thank both controllers and pilots for their support throughout. In replace of Thursday Night Live, we will be organising more Overload, regional and citypair style events once or twice a month which we believe will be more enjoyable and benefit everyone. Cross the Pond returns to Dublin on the 30th October, please keep your diary free if possible, as always with Eastbound we will be rostering from approx. 15z throughout the evening. Finally, some of you may have noticed @Darragh ODonoghue has been assisting with Events for the last couple of months, in particular social media and rostering. A big thanks to Darragh for the helping hand especially when I am out of action (🍺). Nathan.
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  2. Evening All! Coming to the end of a busy summer season, it's time for a quick training update! OBS-S2: Some great progress has been made in tackling the long waiting list which we faced at the start of the year. Due to the pandemic, we received an unforeseen influx in interest for training within the vACC over the last 12 months. I'd like to express my thanks to everyone for their patience up to now and I'm happy to say that thanks to the dedication and hard work of the mentoring team, we are making steady progress in getting new students started. I'm conscious that being on a waiting list for an extended period of time can be tiresome so, if any member wishes to confirm their position or seek an update, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at training@vateir.org. As per usual, a massive thanks to @Ryan Meyrick as Training Manager and all of the mentoring team for their hard work throughout the summer. I'm also happy to officially welcome @Luke Brendan Murray to the S2 mentoring team! Luke joined us back in July and has been a great addition since then. Thanks for your help and dedication and all the best with the new role! S2-S3: The last six months saw one of the busiest periods for the S3 programme since I took the position of Training Director. We saw several students successfully progress through and attain their S3 ratings. Combined with an update and overhaul of the sessions and documentation to standardise them in line with the Basic/Advanced theme which is being rolled out throughout the entire training system, it was a great summer for the programme. We are continuing to take new people onto the programme and I look forward to seeing some new students behind the scopes in the near future! Thanks to @Conor O'Brien for his work and dedication as training manager over the last 10 months and with that, I'm happy to announce that @Phil Hutchinson will be taking up position as the S3 Training Manager as we head into the Autumn/Winter season! I look forward to working with Phil closely in the coming months and seeing the programme go from strength to strength. S3-C1: The C1 programme has also undergone a significant update with new documentation, training material, session plans and more. All currently under use as we have several students working their way through the programme. @Cathal Boyce has worked tirelessly creating all of the documentation listed above and bringing the programme up to date. The work involved in creating documents and sessions for a programme as complex as the S3-C1 cannot be overstated so thank you Cathal for all your work. With that in mind, another shuffle in Training Managers means @Paul McDyer will now take the reigns as C1 Training Manager. Once again, a massive thanks to Cathal for his dedication and hard work and best of luck to Paul in taking the programme to new heights! Training Policy Update: At long last I am delighted to finally release the updated VATéir Training Policy. As both the vACC and Network continue to grow and develop, it's important that our policies and procedures follow suit. The updated policy provides more clarity in certain areas of the training system while bringing joining procedures e.t.c in line with new VATsim systems. Massive thanks to @Cathal Boyce for his help with putting it all together and if anyone has any queries or questions regarding the new policy, please feel free to get in contact with me. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer and I am looking forward to a busy winter ahead on the network. As always, I encourage anyone currently training to engage with it as best you can and get involved. It would be great to see some more #GetItStaffed evenings (@Paul McDyer🤩) and expect some more Student Saturday Events in the near future! As always, my inbox is open to anyone with a query or concern and I'll talk to you all in the next update! All the best, Rian. VATeir_-_vACC_Training_Policy_v1.2.pdf
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  3. Only one ( it is in-fact two things but for the purposes of immersion it is only one👀) thing to say………….#getitstafffed. In all fairness, @Rian OHalloranthank you for the hard work and dedication to the training programs over the last wee while (yes, that is a reference). It does not go unnoticed!!!!!
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  4. Best of luck to the new kids on the block
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  5. Congrats on the new roles @Phil Hutchinson & @Paul McDyer!
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  6. Thanks @Nathan Gray and @Darragh ODonoghue for all your work on the TNL events - they've allowed us to showcase the awesome ATC that we have in VATéir 🙂
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  7. It's hard to believe it all started over a year ago now! It is definitely sad to see it go, but I look forward to all the events Gary has up his sleeve. Let's make the last one count ❤️
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