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    • Hi, I just wanted to ask about the status on my training on here. I was told I was able to be trained in an S2 programme on the 22nd of July this year. I have not been contacted in about 2-3 weeks on the status on my training, I was told via DM's that he was in uni and busy, but I just wanted to check on the status. I understand that this is volunteer and that many people have jobs, school, etc. If you need any more information you may contact me privately in discord, I just want to get something rolling here. I know that the -5UTC zone may be a problem but it is no bother to work things out atall. I will be available all day tomorrow. Thanks, Kean.
    • i've just sent you a friend request on discord, not really sure how to send you a direct dm with out adding ya, appologies
    • Sorry for the very late response, could you both reach out to me on discord please.  Paul McDyer#1030
    • Same the discord link doesn't work.
    • hello there, i'm also having the very same problem. i've logged in with vatsim connect on vateir.org, expanded the members submenu but the discord link simply doesn't work. i've tried copying it directly and pasting it into the address bar, still no go. if someone could give me a hand that would be greatly appreciated.
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