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    • Yeah, thanks Paul.  A recent server migration broke the discord integration but it is now fixed. As Paul mentioned, feel free to PM any of us if you have any further trouble.
    • Update - The issue you experienced should now be resolved!
    • Hey Jeremy, I have passed this issue to the tech team who will try to resolve it. If it continues to not work into tomorrow, you can let me know through discord PM (Paul McDyer#1030), reply to this post or submit a support ticket through the website. In VATéir we do not have a central booking system for controllers. Outside of scheduled events, mentoring session, exams, etc. we treat ATC positions as a first come first served basis if they are available.  Once we do get you into the discord you will be able to see our times for events and live mentoring sessions. As I said, if the issue continues into tomorrow, let me know!
    • Hi I tried the Discord link found here:  https://vateir.org/nterfacer/discord and it doesn't work.  I've got a valid Discord account. I was mainly trying to find out how to know when controllers are booked online so I can plsn flying so if that is possible to find out too I'd be grateful Jerry
    • Cathal, thanks very much for all of your work put into the community. I've only been here a few months but I have always had a awesome time flying in/out of Dublin. Made it well. Thanks!
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