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    • Hi Kean, Our training programmes follow the usual procedures whereby you express interest in becoming a controller with us on our website (as shown below), and once a place becomes available, you are contacted by the Training Department. You need to assign yourself to VATéir at this link. This process will take a day or two as it involves a Region transfer from the USA to EMEA. We are inside VATEUD (European Division), which is a Division of EMEA - one of VATSIM's 3 regions. Once you have been moved to VATéir, click on the section shown below: When you click on that, it will prompt you to put an expression of interest in for training. There is a waiting time of several months because of the amount of interest from candidates but it does move by much quicker than you think. The quickest way to pass the time is to get involved in the vACC by joining the Discord server and getting to know everybody, as well as flying around to get used to procedures as you have been doing. Please reach out to training@vateir.org if you require further information or have any issues with the process outlined above. Cathal
    • Hello, is there anyone i can direct to or someone than can help with the steps to become a controller? I do have experience, just not on vatsim. Was just wondering, thanks.
    • Hi Matthew, you would need to log in to the website and submit an application. https://vateir.org/dashboard/
    • Ah, now we know what Paul does...    
    • Only one ( it is in-fact two things but for the purposes of immersion it is only one👀) thing to say………….#getitstafffed.    In all fairness,  @Rian OHalloranthank you for the hard work and dedication to the training programs over the last wee while (yes, that is a reference). It does not go unnoticed!!!!!
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