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    • Hello lads hope its going well, Im looking into controlling in the Vateir region. I having trouble on where to find it. If I could get some help that would be great!
    • Hi Kean!    Thanks for the message and for the kind words. Hopefully you enjoyed flying in the last evening.    I will PM you a link to our Discord in the meantime where you can get to know more people in the community
    • I just thought i'd say hi, and say how great of an experience i've had so far while getting into the feel of vatsim. (i just recently started late summer, but have been simming since around march.) I highly appreciate how friendly this community is, and how great the controllers are. I am always exited to fly when i get the chance, and always have a great experience. I usually dont have the same experience i have then i would in america, but I prefer to fly in the EU anyway. I am irish-american so its nice to see a community based in ireland, like most other countries. I always fly when i get the chance. Keep up the amazing work! (im not a complete noob lol) Also, i had trouble getting into the discord, any help?
    • Hi Nikolai, Unfortunately VATéir is unable to accept visitors at this time. We hope to be open to visitors in the future and when this happens, you will be able to find all relevant information regarding when and how on the VATéir website. Regards, Rian.
    • Good day to all,  I am a visitor from VATUSA and I am wondering if VATSIM Ireland is accepting visitors and if so what the requirements are However if they are not accepting visitors just wondering when it will be open  Thanks 1416337
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